Daniel R. Balch, ChFC, CLU, CFS of Green Bay, Wisconsin

Five years ago I decided to transition out of management after twenty-five years of hiring and training new agents. "I had no clientele but wanted to build a financial planning practice. The CFPS allowed me to do quality, personalized work for a few contacts I had. The people were so impressed with the plans that I was heavily referred. I was able to make Million Dollar Round Table first year (on a part-time production basis) and have qualified for Court or Top of the Table every year since. The detailed analysis tools give me tremendous confidence that I understand the clients' situations and can help them. The choices of compensation and guarantee make it easy for people to do business with me and the tools (fact finding, software, rate books) are very complete. The sales talks that go along with the software actually work if you use them and the clients do not feel high pressured into buying, which leads to repeat sales and referrals."

Faron E. Barr, ChFC of Topeka, KS

"I started in the business of financial planning in 2003. At that time, I learned that there are many financial planning training tools available, but only one of them truly gave me a step-by-step system that led to a successful career. CFPS gave me everything I needed to be a successful financial advisor. This system not only gave me a guide on how to put together a complete financial plan that encompasses every aspect of a client’s financial picture, but it also gave me guidance on how to keep clients walking in the door. The support of this system is updated constantly with a wide variety of tools available on the web plus live help. This system gave me an endless source of referrals from clients who are truly impressed by a comprehensive financial plan tailor-made just for them. CFPS works if you follow it completely. It is the main reason that I am successful today."

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