Developed by a 28 year MDRT member and Top-Of-The-Table qualifier, this detailed system produces a comprehensive financial plan which shows clients why and how to purchase suitable amounts of insurance and investment products. The CFPS is designed to help you achieve:

  • Improved Closing Rates - Up to 80% of all financial plans presented may create clients for life!

  • Increased Referral Business - The CFPS referral system can create high quality referrals, some of whom may call you to set an appointment before you have time to call them!

  • Higher Average Size Case - Over $2,000 average commission per case can be received from plans presented to middle income clients with no money to invest!

  • In-Office Appointments - 100% of all CFPS appointments should be conducted in your office, not in the client's home!

  • CFPS introduction video - http://t-mfinancial.com/media/
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