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First, we will meet with you to gain a clear picture of your present circumstances. We will ask that you complete an information form prior to our meeting as well as provide relevant documents such as your tax return, pay stubs, and insurance policies.

Absolutely all information we receive will be held in strict confidence.

Second, the information you provide will be carefully reviewed and analyzed. Outside advisors are consulted when needed, with your authorization. A written brief which contains specific financial recommendations is then prepared.

Third, we will meet with you again to carefully explain our recommendations and to answer any questions you may have.

This three-step process is used to identify discretionary Income that has the potential to add to the value of your estate. Over time, the programs we establish can play an important role in helping clients achieve their financial goals and objectives.


Individually Tailored Plans
Some services provide a general computer report which is much the same for everyone. Our service provides a comprehensive financial plan tailored for your individual circumstances. It will include specific recommendations with clear, detailed instructions.

Investment Capital Not Required
Our plans offer recommendations which are non-product in nature. This means you do not have to buy something or invest money. Product recommendations are made only when suitable for your circumstances and a potential source of funding can be identified.

Objective Advice
Our clients are assured of receiving objective financial advice. Although our independent associates do provide insurance and investment products when requested, our clients always have the option to purchase any product we recommend from their existing agent or broker if they so desire.

Ongoing Service
Once a plan has been prepared, we can often assist you in the implementation process. In addition, we offer to conduct reviews with our clients at least once a year to ensure that our planning work remains up to date.

Working Relationships
Our firm maintains working relationships with top professionals in other fields. As a result, we can often refer clients to attorneys, accountants, and loan officers who will provide valuable assistance. In many cases, these contacts make it possible for clients to implement ideas which might otherwise be difficult to accomplish.


No Direct Charge to Clients
Our service can be provided without direct charge to our clients when they utilize outside companies that provide compensations to us. Client may elect to purchase insurance or investment products from outside companies if such products are recommended as part of the client’s financial plan. Adviser’s Representative may act as a Registered Representative or licensed insurance agent for these companies and receive commissions payable by the product sponsor. Although an option to pay a fee is provided for those clients who wish to implement our recommendations entirely on their own, you will be under no obligation to pay us directly.


Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our GuaranteeWe will prepare your plan entirely at our risk. You do not agree to compensate us in any way until you have seen our work. If you are not satisfied with it, there will be absolutely no charge for our time and expense.

About Our Staff
Our financial planners are highly trained professionals. They engage in a continuing education program to ensure that their knowledge remains up to date. All planners subscribe to a strict code of ethical and professional conduct. Above all, they genuinely care about their clients and work hard to help them improve their financial futures.

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