INCOME TAX PREPARATION Tax Planning Services | Income Tax Return Checklist

Personal Information
_____ Full names of all family members
_____ Social Security numbers of all family members
_____ Copy of last year's federal and state tax returns
_____ Quarterly tax estimates paid

Income Information
_____ W-2 forms
_____ Retirement income (Form 1099-R)
_____ Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits (Form RRB-1099)
_____ Interest income (Form 1099-INT, 1099-OID)
_____ Dividend income (Form 1099-DIV)
_____ Proceeds from broker transactions (Form 1099-B)
_____ Partnership, S Corporation, or trust income (Schedule K-1)
_____ Sale of home or other real estate (Form 1099-S)
_____ Self-employment income (Form 1099-MISC)
_____ State or local income tax refunds (Form 1099-G)
_____ Unemployment compensation (Form 1099-G)
_____ Miscellaneous income (Form 1099-MISC)
_____ Any other income information (alimony, jury duty, gambling, lottery, prizes, awards, scholarships,fellowships, etc.)

Expense Information
_____ Mortgage interest paid (Form 1098)
_____ Second mortgage interest paid
_____ Personal property taxes paid
_____ Education expenses
_____ Student loan interest paid
_____ Charitable contributions
_____ Health care expenses
_____ Retirement plan contributions
_____ Income tax return preparation fees
_____ Real estate taxes paid
_____ Unreimbursed expenses for job or volunteer work
_____ Self-employment business expenses
_____ Job hunting, moving expenses
_____ Child care expenses including names, addresses, and tax IDs or Social Security numbers
_____ Alimony paid
_____ Adoption expenses

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