Comprehensive Financial Planning System
What makes the Comprehensive Financial Planning System (CFPS) stand out in the industry?
  • A Financial Plan that Truly is a Financial Plan - CFPS plans are computer supported, not computer generated. All plans are individually tailored. Unlike computer-generated plans, The CFPS plan document can be easily understood by the client (and the planner)!

  • Access to a Much Larger Potential Market - The CFPS works just as well for middle-income clients with no money to invest as it does for affluent clients! In our experience, the middle-income market is virtually untapped because too many financial planners are chasing a limited number of high net worth investors.

  • Ideas that Create Potential for More Monthly Investing Surplus -The CFPS contains numerous strategies to create monthly cash flow that can help fund insurance and investment products designed to accumulate funds for the client’s future needs. Asset allocation recommendations are also included when appropriate, but are not required to produce a comprehensive plan!

  • The Client Chooses the Compensation Method - Because clients can choose whether to work on a fee basis or a commission basis, clients view CFPS planners as an objective financial advisor.


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